It was like this. Chloe Leiberman (Sometimes Wong) might have been a senior without a plan but she was a girl with a dream (which matters much more anyhow since plans can be overrated). These opening words set the quirky tone for “Chloe Leiberman (Sometimes Wong)”, a coming of age tale for an unconventional, bi-racial teenager growing up in a conventional, gated community in Southern California. Chloe is an obsessive dreamer who longs to be a fashion designer. She fantasizes about lots of things, including attending prestigious St. Martin’s in London, but the concept of an art school is an absolute DON’T in her right-leaning, Chinese/Jewish/WASP fam. Plus, she’s too scared to apply anyhow.

Chloe doesn’t take the traditional path at school, in love or in life, and often gets in trouble. What’s worse, she struggles to makes sense of who she is through the imagined lens of a self-diagnosed “Fashion Disorder.” She can’t imagine that being creative is positive and instead convinces herself that her creativity must stem from a disease. But a chance encounter with a mysterious Contessa (who heats up the neighborhood when she moves in next door) proves her wrong and leads to a series of after-school lessons that inspire Chloe to pursue her dream. With the secret aid of her feisty Chinese grandmother, Pau-Pau, and the continued support of her two best friends from polar opposite sides of the 405, chola-leaning Sue and USC-bound Spring, Chloe completes her application.

Chloe really is super talented but just doesn’t know it yet. So what will happen if she actually gets in?

“A verbal box of candy.”
-Kirkus Reviews
Pretty in Pink for what one day might become known as the ‘aught set’...A fun tale of how a girl obsessed with vintage Lily Pulitzer, plastic bangles and black Chuck Taylors takes the avant-garde route to adulthood.”
-New York Post Three Star Review
“Fashionably Fun.”
-Teen Vogue