Soma lives in a town by the blustery sea, on a map it’s the size of a sixth of pea…So begins Soma So Strange, a lyrical fairy tale in the spirit of Dr. Seuss with a new kind of princess. In this dreamlike fantasy, a little magic goes a long way in helping a creative girl discover herself.

Although the Meanies say Soma is so strange, she’s really just different. Soma likes sushi, asking questions and being loud. Unfortunately, in her town asking questions is always considered wrong and being different gets you bullied by the Meanies. They tease and torment Soma who finds herself all alone with no one to play with.

Dejected, Soma wanders far away hoping to understand why the Meanies are so mean. On her path, she encounters a talking white cat who offers to help. Together, they create an enchanted potion that transforms everything and Soma embarks on an unforgettable adventure.

P.S. The word Soma means many things but the most striking definition is this: “nectar of the moon.” It’s a Sanskrit translation. It’s pretty mystical and amazing because Carrie dreamt of Soma one night – or rather, Soma dreamt of Carrie, and Poof! The next day, Soma So Strange, was born. Soma lay dormant for nearly a dozen years. Now, she is awake! Thank you for meeting her and reading her first story.